Landscape Maintenance

Total Landscape Service

  • Full service maintenance crew
  • Manicured lawn service
  • Reliable
  • Structured maintenance programs

    Vacation mowing and upkeep

  • Full garden and pruning service
  • Garden refresh
  • Spring cleaning
  • Fall cleanup and winter prep  

All parts of a great landscape will grow with the help of Beamish Landscape Services full maintenance crew.  Our certified professional landscape team is qualified to handle any horticultural service that you may require. We provide a manicured lawn service to over 90 properties in the St. Thomas/Port Stanley area our customers are satisfied with the reliable service we provide. Our programs are structured to fit any schedule: weekly, bi-weekly or even vacation mowing.

We offer full garden & pruning service when you cannot find the time to get into the garden.  If your gardens need freshening up – book an appointment to meet us. We can discuss your options it may be renovating to give you a new fresh look or simply splitting a few perennials.

We are there for you from early spring clean up to putting the beds to rest in the fall. We offer total landscape maintenance, even the eaves troughs, if you like. It is no problem to prune that one specimen shrub, or that big unruly cedar hedge or even 100 foot maple tree – we prune them all.

And … We clean up

When the pruning is done we have the machines to chip up all the debris. We take away what you can’t use.

Fertilizer and Mulch

To keep the lawn healthy and full we provide 100% organic and synthetic fertilization programs for your property.

Using the Turf Revolution™ organic program which combines alfalfa and corn products applied four times per year your lawn will stay in top shape. Top dressing and aeration is part of this program to give you optimum lawn performance.

Once it is all done how about a fresh application of mulch? Yes we do that too.