Community Involvement

Always Involved

Beamish Landscape Services is involved in many different community projects and committees in St. Thomas and London. We enjoy being a part of the community and  These committees include the St. Thomas & District Horticultural Society and the Fanshawe College Advisory Committee. We are a proud member of Landscape Ontario and are a part of the London Chapter.

We have been involved with the installation and process of St. Thomas’s Elevated Park, helping it to reach its goal of becoming a beautiful new addition to St. Thomas’s parks. We often provide volunteer services throughout the community. We have been volunteering for the Christmas Care program of St. Thomas over the last few winters. The Care program reaches out to the community to provide food and toys during the Christmas season to those in need. They rely on the donations and time of the community to provide service to the people of St. Thomas during the holidays.

We at Beamish Landscape Service are always learning

We attend the Landscape Ontario Congress and the Plant Symposium annually to listen to and interact with experts and businessmen, learning about new products, systems, and horticulture tips that we can use in our every day work. There is always something new to discover in the landscaping field.

Improved Grounds Maintenance Course offered by Landscape Ontario

ICPI-Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, Concrete pavers installer course

Informative monthly meetings in London with the London Chapter of Landscape Ontario.

Unilock Contractor Advantage Seminar- Cambridge / Waterloo Region 2020

Chainsaw Certification 2019

W.H.I.M.I.S:  All staff is updated in their W.H.I.M.I.S training and continues to update it annually.

Landscape Ontario consistently posts new articles, training ideas, and tips to be used in the landscape.

CO-OP opportunity

We offer opportunities for both local high schools and Fanshawe College students. We mentor and teach students during the fall semester and summer months providing hands on experience that is a boost to anyone learning the trade. To discuss your Co-op opportunities contact us directly at